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Semen Sales

connealy king air_1.jpg

Connealy King Air 


The bull with the look! King Air is as good a bull phenotypically as we have ever used at Vermilion. He is no question as good a heifer hull as we've ever had the great fortune to use. The calves just SHOOT out of their mamma's, they have lots of vigor at birth!! What we really appreciate about the King Air calves is at weaning they are very uniform in their kind and make up; they are big enough and have their sires muscle shape and look. We think King Air is one of the great calving ease bull in the breed!!

His +16 CED and -1.7 put him in an elite class.

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

SAV Glory Days 1832 18 Mth Pose_edited.jpg

SAV Glory Days 1832


Our newest purchase, the much talked about America son Lot 1 from Schaff's Angus Valley. Phenotypically there is none better.  He presents a massive performance design with capacity, thickness, muscle and superb structure. Glory Days is a true power bull out of S A V Madame Pride 3145. She is as good as any cow in the breed. His first calves arrive in the Spring of 2023.

Price: $40

AI Certificate: $25


casino bomber n33_1.jpg

Casino Bomber N33



Bomber has been the stalwart of our breeding program. A sire used across the breed with much success. He has outstanding EPD's with high accuracies.

  • Top 10% CED, BW, WW, CW, RE, $W, $B, $C.

  • Top 15% YW, $M, $F, $G.

Sons are well accepted in registered and commercial herds. 


Price: $35

AI Certificate: $35

ellingson three rivers 0065-1_1.jpg

Ellingson Three Rivers 0065


Talk about power! Three Rivers is a massive bull that will put extra pounds on any calf crop.

His calves are heavy at weaning, long, thick and fill the eye. Three Rivers is in the top 3% WW and YW at +85 and +152 respectively. Top 1% claw and angle as well as his dollar values. His carcass traits are well above average as well as his dollar values! If you want an outcross bull that will get things done There Rivers is the one.

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

sitz commerce 670f_1_edited.jpg

Sitz Commerce 670F



Commerce has had tremendous impact in the Vermilion program. His sons have been well received by purebred and commercial cowman alike. Sons have been the high sellers at $57,000, $37,000, $30,000 to name a few. His first daughters are in production and they are big bodied, beautiful young cows and are some of our best. 

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

Vermilion Leo_1.jpg

Vermilion Leo


Our newest calving ease sire, moving to the next generation, continuing the Bomber line. His sire is being heavily used in the Vermilion program and G017's dam is one of the top Donor cows in the embryo division. Leo's phenotype combined with his +14 CED, -.3 BW along with above average marbling, ribeye and $ values marks his as our sire of the future. 

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25


sitz savvy 732h_1_edited.jpg

Sitz Savvy 732H


Here is another young sire we are really excited about. Savvy is an outcross bull in our program by Stellar and out of a Chisum bred cow. He is packed with performance top 2% WW and top 10% YW at +89 and +141 respectively. Big scrotal at +1.29 and the best PAP EPD we have at -2.36, top 1%.

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

vermilion bomber g077_1_edited.jpg

Vermilion Bomber G077


G077 is the Bomber son we have used extensively with tremendous results. Out of a great daughter of Sitz JLS Game Day 9630 that is in the doner pasture. He is full of muscle, clean made and as long as you make them. He excels at WW, YW and HP. His dollar values are the best we have. 

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

connealy mcilroy 8644_1.jpg

Connealy McIlroy



The McIlroy sons are moderate framed, thick made cattle with great eye appeal & performance. His first sons were extremely popular last year with the ranchers on the seats.

He is in the top 10% WEPD & YEPD at +79 and +142 respectively, also a big ribeye bull at +1.18, top 2%. 

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

connealy spur - 1 7-2016 cropped.TIFF

Connealy Spur


He’s done it all for us and the industry. They do well wherever you put them. Long-bodied, higher performing cattle that respond well to feed along with leaving an outstanding set of fertile, deep-ribbed, gentle females. 

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25

connealy countdown 8-2018.jpf

Connealy Countdown


 If you are looking for reliable, proven calving ease, Countdown is the answer. Thousands of heifers have calved to him, and his daughters are some of the best!

Price: $25

AI Certificate: $25


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